How Much Does SEO Cost in the UK and What Influences Price?

It’s really easy to type your website name into Google and think – “Yup, we are doing great” But that’s not a measure or reflection of your SEO or how Google recognizes your website.

Think of SEO this way, Google’s main job is to provide excellent customer services to its users – so when someone searches for a service Google wants to give its customers the most accurate results. Your job as a business is to demonstrate to Google that your website is the best result for the searches.

So pricing is determined by the size of the website and the amount of work required to improve the authority of the website.

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Typically SEO looks like this:

£50-£150 / month — Microsite / Low End
£150-£300 / month — Mid-range Site
£300-£500 / month — Standard Site – Competitive
£500-£1,000 / month — Higher End Website
£2000+ / Bespoke to a business that has certain requirements but not enough to hire their own team.

The key is two things;

  1. What are your goals? Try to avoid making the mistake of thinking you can be on the first page of Google for generic terms on a National scale – you won’t. Unless you’re a massive corporation with multiple working daily on this it won’t happen. – Instead, your SEO company should be talking to you about your expertise and area … perhaps you’re a recruitment company and you could look at improving your SEO for Finance recruitment in Lancashire – opposed to recruitment UK.
  2. Your Website Audit. – You need to know the score of your website as it is right now, and you should not be paying thousands for this, lot’s of agencies do this for free.

The last thing, be aware of crazy eyewatering results promises – it does not happen. SEO is a king strategy but it’s a consistent approach of a period of time. Use a reliable, trustworthy agency and you’ll have a fantastic partnership to aid your overall marketing strategy.